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We are the 1996 alumnae of FGGC Abuloma, Port Harcourt.


We exist to help us stay connected to each other and Abuloma by making real and fundamental difference to the experience of the current students of the school.



Our experiences from Abuloma continue to mould us into the strong and successful women we have become.


Our activities and charitable works have gained the admiration and recognition of the school, the community and other alumni around the world.


Our Mission

To provide opportunities for FGGC Abuloma 96 alumnae across the world, to collectively give back for the continued growth and development of our Alma Mater and the society, and to promote networking between alumnae that enrich their professional and personal lives.




Our Goals and Objectives

  1. Maintaining a comprehensive database of alumnae community worldwide, to enhance collective engagement and contributions to our alma mater.


  1. Supporting the institution, which guided us through our formative years, by enhancing the educational (human capital) and infrastructural development (living environment), of the institution.



  1. Providing avenues for social and professional mentoring & networking for the alumnae community.


  1. Implementing fundraising and social events/activities like the annual conventions to support our alma mater.



  1. Undertaking projects that directly enhance the quality of life, teaching and learning environments of the students and members of staff.
  2. Strengthening the bonds of alumnae members through different life cycles and phases such as birthdays, childbirths, weddings, loss of nuclear family members (spouse, parents, children, siblings).


  1. Celebrating members of the Alumnae community; highlighting their achievements as a source of inspiration to all.



  1.  - President
  2.  - Vice President
  3.  - Secretary
  4.  - Treasurer
  5.  - Financial Secretary
  6. Public Relations Officer


You are invited to contact the Executives at any time.


Support Us

You have a huge deal to offer in terms of giving back to our Alma Mater. No matter where you are in the world or how much you are able to give, your donation can make a real and fundamental difference to the current students who are following in your footsteps.



Our Alma Mater


Federal Government Girls' College (FGGC), Abuloma was established alongside other second generation unity schools in 1975, at the temporary site in the Borikiri area of Port Harcourt City Council Area. The College started with thirty (34) students, eight (8) teaching staff, and fourteen (14)non- teaching staff with Mrs. Okobi as the pioneer principal.


In 1976, the college was moved to another temporary site within the permanent site in Abuloma town and admitted three arms of Junior Secondary School one, (JSS1) students. As more classrooms were made available, more pioneer teaching and non-teaching staff were posted to the college. The junior secondary school component was disarticulated from the senior secondary school between 2006 and 2010. This was re-instated from 2010/2011 academic session.


Presently, the student population stands at 1,427 while the teaching staff strength is about 120. The college has since inception excelled in many academic and co- curricular activities.


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School Anthem


Hail Abuloma

Source of our hope

Fountain of truth and conscience

Mother of Science

Home of the Art

We owe you love and reverence

Centre of love and unity

Where knowledge flows in abundance

Pride of our State and Nation

Where wisdom flows without hindrance

Where learners learn and teachers teach

Federal Government Girls' College Abuloma






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